Me and my Peeps

Me and my Peeps

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fair Time! Fun Time?

This year for the fair I was clever enough to purchase two fun passes for my beloved children. Last year I only let the kids go one day, because I spent way too much money on food, ride tickets, and entry. Next year I'm going to leave town for Fair time. WE WENT TO THE FAIR EVERYDAY THAT IT WAS OPEN!!!! Yes, the kids had fun, but after the weekend was over I was exhausted! The kids never got tired of riding rides, but at least they had a good time.

One unfortunate event was that Catie got to ride the bull and decided she will either be a bull rider or an artist. This is the first time I actually wished my kid would become an artist over another profession. Buck liked the bull, but wasn't as....shall I say....aggressive as Catie. Buck said that he wants to be a grown-up when he grows up and I am still trying to achieve that goal myself.

With every fair there is a Fair President behind it, and that is Roy Mewis. This is a man that makes it happen and I'm very happy to claim him as my friend. Luckily, the kids were able to get a photo with this semi-celebrity. The fair was fun for the kids, so I guess that was comforting?!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Punkin Patch = Fall is here!

St. Mary's had its annual Pumpkin Patch Celebration this past weekend. One thing I would change about this event is that I wish they had it every weekend in October!!! The kids had such a great time and there was something in it for me too....BAKE SALE!!! I can eat sweets all day long. When we got there we immediately got our pumpkin passes (I would highly recommend buying those again) checked for the bounce house. After a good hour of that we then went to get our face painted....a bat for Buck because, "Bats eat blood", and a rainbow for Catie, but we had to make sure the colors were in the correct order.

Then we went inside for a looksie at the book fair and to use our passes for our lemonade and cookies. Grandbobbie was awaiting our arrival with some fun books from the fair and a jug of cookies and brownies from the bake sale!

The kids were able to hang with their cousin, Wyatt, and wish him congrats on the news of his baby brother!

After picking out our pumpkins, we were off to paint some little pumpkins which the kids were able to pick out on their own. When we got home we were exhausted and fulfilled! I was able to take a mommy nap while the kids watched a movie which is why I wish this was every weekend. I LOVE THE FALL! Why? It's comforting, of course!

My Baby is Five. How did this happen?!

My youngest, Catie, is now five years old. This means I have no excuse for having "baby weight"! It seems like yesterday my sweet little girl was barfing breast milk all over her pretty clothes and myself. People are always saying time flies, but this was ridiculous. It never occurred to me that one day she would help me decorate her own birthday cake (which is what she did in the picture above). My life would never be this happy without my sweet Catie in it, and I'm glad she happened upon us! I'm going to keep a close eye on seems next year she'll be 15!!!!

This year she wanted to be like her older brother and have her party at the FAC (Fitness Athletic Center). This is the best place to have a party. The kids are ragged by the end of the party and besides the food everything is done for you. All you have to do is watch and let the FAC people run the show! Happy Birthday, Catie!!