Me and my Peeps

Me and my Peeps

Friday, April 22, 2011

Moody Gardens are Happy Gardens

Poppie decided he would leave Suga for a weekend for a hunting trip with friends
so Suga decided to take me and the kids to Moody Gardens! I had never been, but heard it was a fantastic place for kids. Being it wintertime I was in the mood to get out of the house. Off to Galveston we went!

Buck and Catie are not usually thought of as
underprivileged, but on this trip we realize
d they had never had room service. Suga immediately decided (since we had Poppie's card) that this is something they needed to become talented, accomplished adults.

After the wonderful breakfast in the room we went to the Aquarium to become one with the fish.

After the fish we moved to a different "pyramid"
and checked out some bones and found a nice man laying on a couch. He didn't say much,
but I felt we had a connection.

Then it was off to the fast-moving, speedy, exciting, paddle wheel boat. I'd say it took the
kids about five minutes before they said they were bored and wanted to get off. Forty-five minutes later we were able to get off the boat.

Finally we finished the weekend with a dinner at Gaido's and then a swim in the hotel INDOOR pool. We had a fantastic weekend....thanks to Suga and Poppie's card. Poppie's card is very comforting.

Snow in Texas?

I am super behind on my blogging these days. Let's just say being busy with kids, work, and being a mediocre mother has kept me from my blog account. Let's just say! Okay, we live in Texas and it.....wait for it......SNOWED! One of the most amazing things about this event is that we had just returned from our ski trip in Taos with snow up to our eyeballs and this little powder made my kids act like it was fairy dust falling from the sky. If any of that snow sticks, then it is a snow day for all Texans! The most excitement for me is being able to light the fire in our fireplace for the first time. Keep in mind I am female so I used one of those paper logs you get at Lowe's. It produces minimal heat and is strictly for the cozy feel of a fire in the fireplace! How's that for comforting?!