Me and my Peeps

Me and my Peeps

Monday, February 7, 2011

Skiing is for Fun People!

If you watched the video above then you will assume I'm an Olympic ski jumper, but I am not. I've decided to work in the family business and parent two fantastic kids so I opted out of my professional ski career.
The day after Christmas we (Debbie, Derek, Sami, Dru, Buck, Catie, and I) decided to load up in the Suburban and head to Taos, NM. Thanks to my lovely parents we had free room and board....God Bless them! Alex, Kim, Mary, Abbey, and Marshall were able to meet us there too!
The first day of skiing Derek and Debbie chanced the snowboard class. Let's just say.....they skied for the rest of the week.

The kids had a blast at ski school. Whomever invented that place is a genius!!! You take your kids, sign a piece of paper that says you won't get angry if they separate their legs from their bodies, and then off they go! No trying on boots, skies, snowboards, that was it! Then after a day of dominating the slopes you go back and ski with them for a bit on the bunny slope and you are done for the day! They even take their gear off for them!!!! Ski school = Awesome school in my book! The only problem I ran into is that some tool took my skies off the ski rack thinking they were theirs and I couldn't ski on the ones they left for me. At least Catie announced to every stranger that we came into contact with that someone stole her mom's skies. That wasn't awkward at all.

The last day of ski was a day of blizzard. We looked at the mountain and all the chair lifts coming down with a foot of snow on them, and we collectively decided to sit in Stray Dog for the rest of the afternoon and watch the morons freeze. I was able to score a pink Under Armor Taos hoodie too!

All in all we had a fantastical time. I am going back around Spring Breakish and I'll be partaking in that fantastic organization of ski school again.

Santa and his land of Wonder

Every year my dear friend, Brooke and I take the kids to Pei Wei in College Station and then to Santa's Wonderland. Last year we forgot about our tradition and had to make a last minute decision to go on a weekend after school was out. After, four hours of waiting in line we were able to see the Wonder of Santa's land and weren't too happy about when all was said and done. This year we were pretty clever and went on a Wednesday night before the school break.

Dinner was fantastic, as always when you go to Pei Wei. Buck worked on his man skills by kissing Brooke's hand. Catie decorated Brooke's nails too! Ummmm I paid for the meal....doesn't seem very fair, but who is to say?

After dinner we were on our way to Santa's Wonderful! Every year it seems to get a little better. Perhaps the lights are improving, or perhaps the kids are older and more excited to see a giant HOWDY sign or it could be my Christmas carol singing is improving. I'm almost positive it's the latter. Regardless, it was a fantastic night and I can't wait for next year with my lovely Brooke.